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Kerry Gardiner was fortunate to find fulfilment early in her career and assisting others to reach full potential has been a constant theme and dedication in her working life. Commencing tertiary education in social work and psychology, well meaning others in her life who were focused on the "best mark" approach to career choice could not understand why she would not consider courses such as medicine or law - after all, you get the marks you naturally do it - right! Of course enrolment in these courses would be the right answer if they merge with your unique CareerLife Direction. 

Relating back to this experience, Kerry has seen over the years many clients who made early choices based on: best subject/mark at school approach; what other people said or what they fell into at the time. However, she has also discovered that the yearning to do what we were meant to do with our lives does not go away and the expression of the square peg in the round hole fits as a career metaphor for many clients who have sought Kerry's services. Some of us might make changes early in our careers. Others might wait till mid life or it could be an event such as loss of a job that forces us to re-evaluate and discover our uniqueness and potential leading us on the path to self fulfilment. Whatever your reasons for seeking direction from a Career Life Counsellor, Kerry is well qualified and committed to helping you.

Kerry holds Professional University Counselling Degree qualifications in Social Work and Psychology. She is a professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia (formerly Australian Association of Career Counsellors); The Australian Human Resource Institute and an accredited member of the Australian Association of Social Workers. She comes to the career's field with a wealth of experience in the industry. She has a background in Senior Human Resource Management; Corporate Training and Development and Training Management; Community Development and Social Work and University Career Counselling, enabling her to offer comprehensive CareerLife Consultancy services.

Instrumentation, Accreditations and Resources

In addition to specialist career assessment accreditation, Kerry is also certified in Myers Briggs, TMI (Team Management Systems) Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and NLP training methods, synthesising these as a wholistic approach always mindful of individual differences and to help you unlock full potential and realise your goals. She is the awardee of the highly competitive Rotary Graduate Scholarship for International Understanding and studied for 18 months in Florence and at the University of Perugia in Italy. She has special interests in lifestyle balance, health and well being and has undertaken studies in therapeutic applications in a variety of natural therapy modalities including kinesiology and healing systems, such as aromatherapy. Integrating these experiences, she is able to offer a full range of services to assist you in your Career and Life Direction.

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