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What Our Clients Say

Here is just a small sample of what some of our private counselling /coaching clients say. We have hundreds of testimonials in our files from individual and workshop clients attesting to the fact that our processes work. 

"I’m keener than ever to get going. I really did get a lot out of the process. Kerry is full of energy and her positive attitude really helps to spur you on. This has definitely inspired me" 

"I now have more self confidence and understand the need to be proactive. Identifying goals and with Kerry’s help breaking them up into action steps has helped to bring more balance into my life" 

"I always thought of myself as “just a secretary.” Your counselling was so helpful in assisting me in finding a new career path. I am now really excited and enrolled in a degree at University. Thank you for giving me the confidence and ability to believe in myself" 

"I’m more capable of achieving my goals. Kerry has taught me how to break down my goals into steps and given me a structure I didn’t have before. I appreciated her fluency and the easy atmosphere she creates” 

"I now realise why I was getting nowhere with my job search. Kerry’s interview training was a real eye opener. I am much more confident and am aware of the mistakes I was making .Thanks"

"I am now clearer, so much clearer. You showed so much enthusiasm and ability”

"The process was really useful, especially the break between consultations and the resource manual which gave me time to think and consolidate for our follow up session"

"After working in the one job for many years, I didn’t realise how old hat my resume was. I really feel proud of the new updated resume I have designed with Kerry’s help" 

"I have now learnt to take control of my own career. Now I am clear on my likes and dislikes, skills and achievements. I thought my only option was to leave my current job. With Kerry’s encouragement and some action planning, I am confident to discuss my career plans with my manager. It has been excellent"

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