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Our Approach

Choosing a Career or identifying your next CareerLife step can be confusing. Kerry facilitates and promotes a relaxed and positive environment (See what our clients say.) She uses non threatening and proven processes as well as a good dose of healthy sense of humour, to assist you in finding your CareerLife Direction and in gaining clarity and focus for achieving your CareerLife Goals. For clients looking for Career Direction, Kerry facilitates a process of guided self assessment, Counselling and Coaching where you will learn to:

  • Identify and understand your values, skills, interests and personal style

  • Translate these into real world CareerLife opportunities

  • Develop action plans for achieving goals

  • Design a successful job search/marketing plan; write winning resumes and learn how to sell yourself at interview or to clients

  • Make the most of your linked in.

  • Find and tap into the hidden job market and networking skills

Kerry offers "Cafe Chat" for generally mid life career changers. In a relaxed and "chatty" environment, Kerry engages in insightful dialogue to help you get focused with your own cheerleader barracking for you. It is not unusual with many changes in the world of work at the moment, for clients to be experiencing a sudden downturn in contract availability - Kerry can help you quickly reinvent, her speciality in lively, snap fire brainstorming incorporating a very lateral approach to peg to your next career opportunity. This together with a wide linguistic register, for interpreting your experience, clients are often amazed when they find out how clever they really are with the fresh new resumes that we can create. This can be a great boost in confidence, particularly for those clients who may have encountered workplace difficulties and/or unpleasant office politics. These sessions are generally of 40 minutes duration at very reasonable rates - with of course coffee on us. You can have as many coffee chat "top ups" as you like, choosing sessions to fit with your requirements.

The Directions CareerLifeä process is thorough, training you in CareerLife resilience and as a process, providing you with a tool, that once harnessed you can apply over and over again in your CareerLife.

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